Concrete Cuisine

Fresh Eats on the Streets!


Quotes Super great Food. I enjoy the break of having something good come to my door! Keep it coming guys! Quotes
Statisfied Aunt!

Quotes I love the Maui and the Tokyo Joe, and the Blend, ok...had to try the frickles...even though they are fried, I can't stop sneaking one just one each visit! Jeff and Justin...I'm hooked on Concrete Cuisine! Quotes
Fresh food lover

Quotes The Blend and sweeties, or the Maui and mexicorn; I loved the food and hope you guys keep coming back to the ballparks in Livonia! Quotes
Baseball Mom

Quotes I have enjoyed a few things off the menu and so far I have loved all of it. They stop by our work and everyone has enjoyed the food truck and can't wait until their next visit. The food truck is the best thing ever and Concrete Cuisine is top notch! Quotes

Quotes GREAT service, professionals, the food is AMAZING! Everyone needs to try these guys! Thank you for a great experience every time I come have lunch! I'm addicted to the food! See you guys soon! Quotes
IT Professional

Quotes Enjoyed the Maui Sandwich and Sweeties, but the bread does not do your sandwiches justice! Get a better Kaiser and you've reached Sandwich Nirvana. Quotes

Quotes I just have to say that your food is really quite amazing. We tried the blend, frickles, wedges and Sweeties; they were all fantastic. Keep up the great work! Quotes
Karrieann Fritch

Quotes What a great concept. Prices are very reasonably . The food is great. These 2 guys went to Schoolcraft College and both worked with Matt prentice . Please help ..... You will not be sorry Quotes
Cary w
Very satisfiel

Quotes We tried your food today and loved it all. Keep up the GREAT cooking. So happy there is FINALLY a real food truck in the area ! Quotes
Carol & Mike
Food Lovers

Quotes I am now following you guys and will show up ANYWHERE you go.......... best food I have had in a long time. The Big Bad Beef is one of the best burgers I have EVER had ! Quotes